I Love Oils!

My Story

After a local mother passed away while cleaning her bathroom with chemicals, I started to realize what I was inhaling while cleaning my own bathroom. I would gag while cleaning the bathroom and have to step out for fresh air. I didn't think about how dangerous that was until that tragedy. So, I started looking up natural ways to clean.

I also began realizing how many other chemicals are in our daily lives. We put chemicals on our skin through moisturizers, soaps, make-up, and more. And not only that, we consume harmful chemicals in processed foods and beverages. Now before you freak out on me and say that it is just the society we live in, hear me out please. (I used to feel that way too.) We have other options. We, as individuals, have allowed it to become what it is today, and we can individually do something about it, even if it is a little at a time. I am working on replacing one harmful item at a time for something better. You decide what makes it through the door of your home. What will it be? The safe and natural resources God has provided for us since the beginning, or harmful chemicals?

I'm excited to share my love of Essential Oils! They can improve your life!

If you have any questions, or you are interested in starting your journey with essential oils, you can reach out to me through the social media accounts under the "My Links" tab. If you are ready to start now, click "New Beginning" below and it will populate my Enroller # for you.
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